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Partners & Groups

We connect partners to law firms where they want to stay and succeed. Sheppard Brown helps successful partners optimize their career potential through our exceptional relationships with leading law firms to create the best teams and groups. We are extremely passionate about the practice of law and placing the partners who will carry it forward with integrity and commitment.


We’re here to help our candidates unlock the best opportunities based on personality, practices, and compensation goals. Individually and collectively, we have a deep understanding of global legal markets. We are constantly in discussions with law firms and practice group leaders on a day to day basis discussing their lateral partner needs both strategically and opportunistically.

Our Process


Research & Present

Assess Options


Findings and options will be presented and the partner decides the way of moving forward from here.


Lateral Partner Questionnaire


The lateral partner questionnaire and the conflicts check are essential. We are experts and here to help you through the process.

Placement & Integration

Handing In Your Notice & Integration 


We will support and advise you on best practice when it comes to handing in your resignation. Past this we make it standard practice to support you in the short term with the integration process at your new firm as well as regular check ins past to check on your progress.

Partner & Group Consultants

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Andrew Norris




Andrew Norris leads the firms Energy practice. He is a trusted advisor to a vast number of prestigious law firms around the world and he specializes in building Energy practices through partner and group recruiting.